Awk max.

It’s 11!

I wanted to sleep at like 9 or something but oh well failed.

It’s Fab’s birthday! Which is kinda why I didn’t get to sleep earlier cause I didn’t shower earlier but oh well.

School was dry. Fell asleep a couple of times. The new relief teacher is uhh … I don’t know. I foresee lame lessons. Chem SPA was retarded. Nothing much to say. I recall nothing.

Tuition. Gosh my brain was totally switched off half an hour before it ended. He offered to give me a lift back. I was like okay I thought I would reach earlier but lol no. I thought it was only him so I was actually thinking what on earth does he want to do at bt timah at 8 and then I realized the whole family plus his girlfriend was going I was like ‘OMG AWKAWKAWK’, so yeah. Awkward wait in the living room. Awkward ride. Serene centre. Yucks. I think he thinks I have no life. Oh well. And I had to keep stressing the place isn’t my home. Weird guy laughed at me. Oh well. In short, it was total awk.

Did English project! Like finally I’ve done something. Done with the powerpoint slides. It was quite nice but I figured that Chuah would like lame pictures and stuff so I went to add ugly stuff and now it looks … retarded. It was so classy before that. But oh well. For the sake of marks, and to please her. Lol.

Ate crackers with nutella! My guilty pleasure. I feel so bad now but OH WELL.

Okay I’m tired gotta sleep, wake up, survive, so that I can sleep again.


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