Youth day! Went out with Chris and Kim. Tired as fuck because I slept at like 4 the day before and woke up at 8+ to shower and accompany Tung to KAP for brunch.

Wasn’t a fruitful trip at all I didn’t even buy anything. 😦

I was coughing like fucking insane and my head was dizzy. Plan was to sleep by 8.30 and wake up at some unearthly hour to finish my undone work. Fail. I was just gonna blog for probably 15 minutes and go sleep. While waiting for my broadband to load I ended up doing English project and because I’m just so into doing ppt slides I couldn’t stop and then I realized it’s already 9. Sigh.

I’m feeling better today. Even though the thought of death is still really tempting. Had quite an interesting talk with Kim on death. More of dying at a young age, really. Were talking about how to lose virginity before dying and also dying a not-so-painful death. It was quite a smart idea actually. But for obvious reasons I shall not post it here.

Got a lift back. Showered. Gonna sleep soon. Not gonna rant much. Too tired to think. Regretted what I did. As usual.



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