Quit annoying me

Was gonna wake up early today. Epic fail.

Slacked through the morning. Plan fail. I only did half the English Powerpoint. Then I went to shower and get ready for church. Left for church. Went on the bus and a bunch of unrelated people stared at me. Awkward much.

Church. Couldn’t get Abby. Neither could I find them. Met Judith. She left and I was left alone. I almost wanted to just leave and go hang out somewhere. Called Abby for a million times and I couldn’t get here. Judith told me to go to some 4th row of the second section but I didn’t wanna go alone so I ended up sitting at the end of the last row alone. Abby finally called back. Settled down. Blahblahblah worship sermon. Sermon was something about God knowing our ways. I don’t know what to say about it. It’s kinda related but not exactly related to me. And anyway I lost interest half way and started stoning. So many people didn’t go for service. It was like boring. Then the two girls in front of me kept using their phones and the whole cell was being so noisy and I was so annoyed. He either didn’t see me at all, which I doubt, or just didn’t even bother saying hi. Loser. Left right after service. No cell dinner. Boring.

Took me a while to decide where to go. Settled on btp. Got sushi and honey drink. Left. After the whole long construction site way, I came to the part where I’m reaching the road which I need to cross. I saw this lady walking out from the side path from gardenvista. She was wearing a long white dress and she had long messy centre-parted hair. She was so fair. I totally went ‘gosh is she trying to be freaky’ until I walked past her and saw her emotionless face. In fact, I couldn’t even see her eyes. It was so freaky. I totally freaked out and sped up like insane. Turned back once to see her crossing the road, holding her long dress. Sat at the bus stop, scared to death. At least there were quite a few men there. I wasn’t even sure if I was more scared of the men or the lady.

Anyway, came back. Passed by Mary and she totally ignored my existence. I’m guessing that she’s really mad at me. Damn. I bet she saw me.

Went to find James for my Chrysalids. Were trash-talking. Steph offered to help me to cross-stitch. Life saver. And I’m pretty sure that she will do a great job. So I can’t give it to Joni anymore. I don’t know if this is for the better or the worse.

She started complaining about how CLDDS wasn’t even invited to perform for PAN. Kept saying that CLD is being ‘mistreated’ and how they don’t respect them and stuff. Then she told me that she had a plan to make CLD a better CCA such that people don’t think that they are a loser CCA. She said that it’s because the members themselves are so used to being slack that they will think that they are supposed to slack. So she wants to change the mindset of the members and subsequently the school so that people don’t actually regard them as a slack loser CCA. Fact is that when it’s a Chinese CCA, it’s already called a loser CCA, disregarding how good you are. She’s trying to prove to the whole school that CLD should be treated as a normal CCA and that they should have been invited to go for PAN since they went SYF and contributed to the school fame even though they only got Silver. She said that Drama and Handbells got Silver too but they got to perform so CLD should too. I was telling her how the other groups never have any other chance to perform their SYF stuff except for CLD which get to perform it in some Chinese event. But she still claims that it’s unfair. I couldn’t be bothered to argue with her. She just thinks that CLD is a Loser CCA solely because of the members’ laziness. Seriously.

I ranted so much. Oh well. I’m tired. Can’t wait for Monday.Tomorrow’s gonna suck but oh well.



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