The Penitence Ball

Today was fine. I slept late yesterday though, so I was so tired throughout the day. I just felt like rotting away and not do anything. I don’t even remember what I did in the morning.

Friday. Boring stuff. Edlyn went PA without me. I think she kinda ran away or something cause I was talking to Chris. I saw her dragging BJ off. I feel bad.

Flag-raising. Wasn’t even wearing school socks. Took the long way up from the labs staircase. Didn’t get booked at all. No one even noticed. Chinese. It was retarded. More boring stuff. Bio. Comprehended nothing. Physics. ‘Big is beautiful’, lol. I scored well for EL though. Hah. As in quite good for my usual standard. Sadly, I doubt that it’s graded. 😡

Sex-ed! Khook. He was hilarious I swear. Keren kept calling him Mr Heng so he was trying to be funny and went ‘Mr Heng, Mr Heng, where are you? Keren is looking for you. Mr Heng?’ My goodness. It was plain odd. I was laughing like … I don’t know.

Decided to not go for CIP. Went Info. Got scolded for being 5 minutes late, the whole bunch of us. Humiliation of the Sec3 gang. Oh well. Cross-stitched. It’s the most retarded crap ever. We went to the lab next door and there were people so we had to do it outside. And the Sec4s totally saw it already. It was just … awkward. And I fail in such stuff. Will post a picture of my masterpiece once it’s done. It’s like a blue onion head. Racheltay can stitch so well. Born to be a taitai. I kept poking my fingers I’m a sieve now. I don’t know what made MrsLoh think that DIY cross-stitching makes a good Sec4 farewell present.

Subway. Btp. Horrible sore throat. Told Kim the whole terrible thing that I did. Being weird. Slacked. Had to leave. And had to ditch Chris cause I was late. And she only wants me to go to hell. Oh well.

Awkward conversation with Jacklyn. Haha. She’s nice though.

Showered. Finished my Trigo assignment on my own. For the first time since June hols. Had been copying Gladi’s work. I’m so bad. I was so proud of myself and was so motivated. Hehe. Then I went on to do tuition math stuff. Then I got bored. Attempted to read bio. Got bored. Here I am.

Okay I’m so full of crap. Few paragraphs more.

Fabian is so emo. It’s awkward.

I realized that I have tuition on Sunday. Which means that I can’t go out with Jo 😦 I was so looking forward to it okay 😦 I haven’t gone out with her for a million years because she’d been such a nerd 😦 and now it’s cancelled. SOBS.

Anyway, I will still have my Kim Christy outing on Monday. I hope nothing random pops out and screw our day.

No, I’m not happy, but I’m not unhappy.


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